No ordinary holiday destination...

hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Our secret beach

Let us guide you to a beautiful, secluded spot just quarter of a mile from our cottages. Glistening grey sand meets the waters of The Minch, surrounded by rock pools and huge, smooth stones; this stretch of beach is guaranteed to take you miles away from the cares of the world...

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Gàidhlig - the Gaelic language

Our family have lived here for generations, our first language being Gaelic. Kilmuir is still one of the strongest Gaelic speaking communities in Skye where day to day life for many people is enjoyed, described and shared in the ancient language of our ancestors.


hoto Credit: dimnikolov

hoto Credit: dimnikolov

Gaelic culture

The many place-names of  Norse origin give a clue to this island's  fascinating history. From the earliest days of Christian missionaries to the modern songs composed by Runrig their is historical and living evidence in Kilmuir of a rich and unique Gaelic culture. In an area where people still ceilidh in the traditional sense of the word, the song and piping traditions live on, as well as dancing and shinty.

Highland Cattle

Kilmuir is a crofting district and one of the crofting areas with the highest proportion of cattle (and many Highland cattle) in all the Highlands and Islands.